DDDawgs KRUEGER (AI) (Krueger)

From Day 1 this Boy had a MASSIVE Reputation to live up to.

Son of the Inafamous Rockstone Tractor

And the first progeny from this highly sought after Hungarian Bloodline in Australia.

The pressure is on.

As you can see it doesn't phase him in the slightest..

Having a play @ 4 weeks of age.

And having a ball.

Krueger enjoying his feed of solid food.

And his first solo drink.

And he LOVED it.

This boy is impressing no end.

As you can see even the best laid plans can stray.

Because we have NO idea where those ears came from

But with the rest all there we figured taping his ears was a small price to pay.

Poor boy caught his tail in a gate. After repeated efforts to get it to heal
the vet decided it would be better in the long term to dock him. We were
worried to say the least having never seen a docked Amstaff before....

As you can see the dock hasn't effected his looks.

And as you can see the apple has fallen not too far from the tree.

DDD KRUEGER is the only known progeny of the infamous CH.Rockstone Tractor outside of Europe so get ready to see The Rockstone bloodline flourish here at DDD.